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This Rider is an integral part of the Contract and should be read thoroughly

To assist the artistes in providing a quality performance, may we request your co-operation on the following:

So you have made up your mind! You have listened to PURE SILK and viewed the website. So what happens next? Just give us a call or email us (Details below) and we can start to plan your event.

PURE SILK pride themselves on a professional approach and treats every event, whatever the size, with the utmost care and importance. We would therefore also suggest that you read the following which outlines our specifications as well as other requirements and information that you need to be aware of to ensure the safe and smooth running of the event. Please feel free to print out this page and show it to your coordinator or venue banqueting manager who may be able to answer some of your questions, prior to your contacting us.

Sound & Lights:
PURE SILK supplies a full “top of the range, state of the art” sound and lighting system which is run by an experienced, professional road crew, enhancing the band's performance. Specifications include: 3.5K HK sound system (bigger power output available to suit larger venues). MARTIN INTELLIGENT LIGHT SHOW run via DMX desk and colour changers enhanced by the use of haze machines run by our full time technician.

The venue needs to supply an adequate safety earth mains supply which is 30 amp, terminating into four normal 13 amp sockets. Power for the band should be local to the stage and not more than 10 meters distance. It should be available from the time the band is on site. Any delay can cause the late start of the show. Please also note that dishwashers and bar equipment can cause a drop if on the same supply as the band. This can cause disruption to your evening and certain band equipment such as processors will not operate. If the above cannot be supplied an external generator will be required that must have surge protection (Please seek the advice of a professional electrician if you are unsure.

Changing Room:
Please provide a warm secure room/rooms for the band and crew to change in, preferably with wash facilities and a mirror. Note: the artistes should not be asked to change within toilet or kitchen areas - suitable rooms must be made available. Please note that due to the costume changes throughout the performance, this room should be approximately 4m to 5m away from the performance area. Alternatively, the artistes can supply their own gazebo changing area and will require 2m x 2m to do this near to the stage area.

The band need at least an hour and a half to be set up and changed, ready to perform. We use a large van to transport our equipment to the venue. It will be much appreciated if suitable parking and a safe, clear access is made available to the function room prior to the band's arrival. Any flights of stairs, lifts or ‘Long Hauls’ should be made aware to the band before the day. Most heavy flight cases will however need the use of a lift. This ensures that the equipment is both loaded into the venue and out from the venue (following the event) in a speedy, safe manner.

The Stage:
The stage area should be a minimum 8ft ceiling height, 12ft in depth by 16ft in width (if possible). Whilst it is not essential to supply a stage - it does allow the artiste to be seen when the dance floor is full. If you are able to supply a stage, it must be safe and soundly



constructed. Alternatively, the artiste can provide their own ‘mobile staging’. Please contact us (details below) to arrange this.

If possible please arrange for any smoke detectors or sound limiters to be isolated in the area of the stage. Please also note that volume sensors are undesirable as they cause damage to the equipment. NOTE: Any damage caused to equipment by the above devices must be reimbursed without question.

The band and crew arrive very early before the event and leave some time after the event has finished. They can be at a said venue for up to 10 hours in some cases and it isn't always possible to leave the venue to go in search of food due to location and the time factor. We therefore request a hot meal and refreshments for the band members and road crew (and DJ where applicable) two hours before our first performance. Soft drinks should be made available throughout the night to both the band members and the road crew at no charge. NOTE: Wherever possible a hot meal is preferable, but understand that this is not always possible and in this instance sandwiches (or the like) would be acceptable.

A microphone is available, free of charge, for speeches/announcements during the event, subject to being confirmed before the day of show. However use of any other band equipment (i.e.: lighting and PA) is not available for use by other artistes except by prior arrangement with PURE SILK and an extra charge will be made for this use.

Additional Services Include:
A “top” DJ who can play in between our sets keeping the party going. This is a popular choice as it saves valuable space at the venue as the DJ uses PURE SILK own sound and lighting equipment also using less electrical power and most importantly it works out cheaper than if you book a DJ separately. Stage hire as above. Starlight backdrop with prior notice.

How to Book:
We will send you a booking letter with all the details discussed and a 20% deposit will be required at the time of booking. The balance can be paid on the night or by prior arrangement on invoice. Invoices paid late (i.e. outside the agreed payment term) will be subject to a 7% surcharge of the total fee due.

Contracts are issued on the basis that it should not be cancelled. However sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise then the following compensations will be payable:

10 weeks prior to event - 50% of FEE.
Less than 6 weeks - FULL FEE.

The artistes trust that you will find these requests to be reasonable, however, if you have any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Craig Dykes.

Contacting Pure Silk Management:
To make your booking please contact:

Craig Dykes
Mobile: +(44) 7736 669889
Email: craig@pure-silk.net

We look forward to “Your Party”.

Thank You.
Pure Silk